Branko Linta, h.f.s. on “The Constitution”


“The Constitution” is intimate love story about four people who live in the same building in the center of Zagreb. It is a story about people who are each very different, from social status to sexual orientation, political worldview and religion to which they belong or do not belong. Except from the area they live in, often contradictory “demons of the past” connects them. The demons that drive them to live more out of the past than in the present. (Rajko Grlić, director’s concept)

The building in which our heroes live share the same city block with the house where lives director Rajko Grlić. With the sentence “I’ll take you to the apartment which is ideal as Vjeko Kralj flat” began the search for spaces and the spirit of the film, “but it is best to go there at night.”

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