About C.S.C.

About us

The Croatian Cinematographers Society or HFS (Croatian acronym for: Hrvatska udruga filmskih snimatelja) was founded in 1996, following the examples of similar associations in America and Europe (ASC, BSC). Its core purpose is to bring together cinematographers with the title of director of photography for motion pictures.

The Society also aspires to preserve and promote the values and qualities that reflect the tradition and sophistication of Croatian filmmaking in general, with a special emphasis on the outstanding and continuous quality of its cinematography.

The Croatian Cinematographers Society strives to preserve the respectable status of cinematographers through its efforts, as a member of the European Federation of Cinematographers Imago, to implement the current European film production standards.

On this path, we hope to be supported by related organizations: Croatian Film Directors Guild, Film Artists’ Association of Croatia, Academy of Dramatic Art and Ministry of Culture.

The list of members is available here.


Address: Britanski trg 12, HR-10000 Zagreb

T/F: +385 (0)1 48 47 291

E-mail: kontakt@hfs.com.hr

President: Mario Sablić

Vice-President: Enes Midžić

Management Board: Goran Mećava, Branko Linta, Vjekoslav Vrdoljak

Secretary: Željko Sarić