Croatian Cinematographers Society presented 2019 Awards

On the closing night of 66th Pula Film Festival, the 6th annual cinematography awards of the Croatian Cinematographers Society were presented.

Members of this year jury, Mario Sablić, Branko Linta and Boris Popović unanimously decided the Winners.

And the Winners are:

Feature Film

Damir Kudin, h.f.s. for “Comic Sans”

Short Movie

Radislav Jovanov, h.f.s. for “Trešnje / Cherries”

TV Series

Danko Vučinović, h.f.s. for “Novine, sezona 2 / The Paper, season 2”

For the first time the jury decided to present a Special Mention Recognition for feature lenght documentary “Moj život bez zraka / My Life Without Air”, for Cinematographer/Director Bojana Burnać.

The awards were presented by President of Croatian Cinematographers Society, Mario Sablić.