Alexa SXT Plus & Angenieux Optimo Anamorphic Zooms


For those who did not attend recent presentation of Arri cameras, including the latest addition, Alexa SXT Plus, on this link You can check short test movie, shown during the presentation.  Streets of Zagreb were shot with Alexa SXT Plus with Angenieux Optimo Anamorphic Zoom lenses (30-72 & 56-152 A2S A2S). No additional lights were used, format was 6: 5 ProRes 4K Anamorphic Cine, colored in the Da Vinci Resolve Suite.

Ektachrome again available


Kodak, which went bankrupt three years ago, is slowly catching breath and returning in a big way. In addition to the announced new 8 mm film camera, which will be enhanced by digital accessories (LCD instead of the optical viewfinder), a respected manufacturer of film stock  has announced the return of the legendary reversal film stock, Ektachrome.

Ektachrome has gained a cult status during the forties of the last century, when it was mostly used by photographers of National Geographic magazine. The production of Ektachrome was stopped in 2012 due to reduced demand in the market.

This news will undoubtedly cheer up fans of analogue photography, who still hope that Kodak will soon announce a return of another cult emulsion, Kodachrome.

Ektachrome has rarely been used for shooting feature films, no doubt because Reversible films do not forgive doubts about the accuracy of the exposure. However, there are several very interesting works of intriguing visuals shot on this stock, such is Buffalo 66, director of photography Lance Acord.


Buffalo 66

Ektachrome will be manufactured at the Kodak plant in Rochester, N.Y., and will be available in 8 mm and 35 mm formats.

2017. ASC Award nominees annaunced

415815340543e6602902f1646165476_v4-bigPhoto: Ludovic Littee

The American Society of Cinematographers announced nominees for the traditional 31st A.S.C. awards. Last year Vanja Černjul’s work on Marco Polo TV series was awarded with this, most prestigious American cinematography award. This year we again have a representative in the competition for the award. Igor Martinovic, H.F.S., Croatian cinematographer who has been living and working in America for number of years, was nominated in the category for Television movie, Mini-series or a Pilot episode for acclaimed series The Night of ,episode “Subtle Beast”.

Winners will be announced during the awards ceremony on February 4, 2017. Let’s look at the list of nominees and the trailer for The night of.

31st ASC Awards Nominees

  • Television Movie, Miniseries or Pilot:
    • Balazs Bolygo, HSC, BSC, for Harley and the Davidsons “Amazing Machine”
    • Paul Cameron, ASC for Westworld “The Original”
    • Jim Denault, ASC for All The Way
    • Alex Disenhof for The Exorcist “Chapter One: And Let My Cry Come Unto Thee”
    • Igor Martinovic for The Night Of “Subtle Beast”
  • Regular Series for Non-Commercial Television:
    • John Conroy for Penny Dreadful “The Day Tennyson Died”
    • David M. Dunlap for House of Cards “Chapter 45”
    • Anette Haellmigk for Game of Thrones “Book of the Stranger”
    • Neville Kidd for Outlander “Prestonpans”
    • Fabian Wagner, BSC for Game of Thrones “Battle of the Bastards”
  • Regular Series for Commercial Television:
    • Tod Campbell for Mr. Robot “”
    • John Grillo for Preacher “Finish the Song”
    • Kevin McKnight for Underground “The Macon 7”
    • Christopher Norr for Gotham “Wrath of the Villains: Mr. Freeze”
    • Richard Rutkowski for Manhattan “Jupiter”

“Tanhofer” monograph


Not overly extensive library of titles dedicated to the Croatian film and its authors recently enriches luxury monograph “Tanhofer”. Extensive work published by the Croatian Film Association and Croatian Film Directors Guild on 350 richly illustrated pages recalls the extensive work of Nikola Tanhofer, cinematographer, director and educator, founder of the Department of film and television cinematography at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, first president of Croatian Cinematographer’s Society.

Twenty authors from different generations collaborated on this edition. Essayistic interpretation of Tanhofer’s work as cinematographer and film director, and his memoirs and recollections of his students intruduce reader with numerous interests of this filmaker.

At the presentation of the monograph participated editors of edition, Diana Nenadić and Silvester Kolbas, film theorist Hrvoje Turković, Tanhofer’s colleague, also a former student, Enes Midžić and his friend Slavko Goldstein.


The monograph wrote: Zvonimir Berković,, Salvester Kolbas, Petar Krelja, Juraj Kukoč, Enes Midžić, Tomislav Mikulić, Dragan Jurak, Damir Radić, Silvestar Mileta, Jurica Pavičić, Slaven Zečević, Nenad Puhovski, Stipe Radić, Vicko Raspor, Ivo Škrabalo and Nenad Polimac.

TV series “Rest in Peace” in United Kingdom


End of year brings more good news for a small, but courageous Croatian audiovisual forces. Croatian Radio and Television has has signed a contract with Global Series Network for transfer of Rights for linear and VOD broadcast, for the  series “Rest in peace”. Global Series Network is an exclusive partner of renowned British public broadcaster Channel Four, with whom he earlier this year jointly launched an extremely successful program, “Walter Presents”.

Rest in Peace, after entering the official competition of one of the largest festivals of television drama in the South Korean Seoul, sold the rights to adapt the format tu US production giant, Lionsgate, and have been broadcasted on Belgian public television VRT, become the first TV series from Croatia and closer region to be broadcasted at the prestigious United Kingdom market.


“Rest in peace” was created in collaboration of Croatian Television and independent, Ring productions, and supported by funds from HAVC tender for the development of television programme. The main producer of both seasons was Dario Vince and series directed Goran Rukavina and Kristijan Milić (first season), and Goran Dukić (second season). The executive producer on the first season was Robert Tomljenović, for the second season Miodrag Sila. The writers of the first season were Ivor Martinić, Ivan Turković Krnjak and Marko Hrenović, a leading screenwriter for the second season was Saša Podgorelec. On both season more than 250 Croatian actors were involved, including Judita Franković, Dragan Despot, Luka Dragić, Jelena Miholjević, Miodrag Krivokapić, Anja Šovagović Despot, Goran Navojec, Nina Violić, Darija Lorenzi and Anja Matkovic.


Director of photography on both seasons was Mario Sablic, h.f.s., who was in 2014. awarded the annual h.f.s. Award “Nikola Tanhofer” in the category of TV series. On both seasons colourists were Branko Linta, h.f.s. and Josko Morović, Zoran Mikinčić was camera operator and Željko Župan was focus puller.

European Cinematography Award for Camilla Hjelm Knudsen


Camilla Hjelm Knudsen won Carlo di Palma cinematography award, part of European Cinema Awards. Award was received for the movie Land of Mine, trailer available here.

The award is named after the famous Italian cinematographer, known for his work with Michelangelo Antonioni and Woody Allen, awarded since 1989, and the list of winners include famous directors of photography like Vittorio Storaro, Bruno Delbonell, Anthony Dod Mantle and John Seale.

Mrs. Knudsen is the first woman to recieve this award, showing that members of the European Film Academy juty recognized high visual achievements of movies signed by woman cinematographers. Members of the jury were:

Benoît Barouh, production designer, France
Paco Delgado, costume designer, Spain
Martin Gschlacht, cinematographer, Austria
Dean Humphreys, sound designer, UK
Era Lapid, editor, Israel
Waldemar Pokromski, make-up artist, Poland
Giuliano Taviani, composer, Italy

This year two woman cinematographers recieved awards for their work in Croatia. Tamara Cesarec, h.f.s. won Golden Arena at the Pula Film Festival for Shooting stars and Eva Kraljević has received the annual h.f.s. cinematography award Nikola Tanhofer in the category of short movies for a I Like that Super Most the Best.

Mihail Ostrovidov 1930 – 2016

ostrovidov_0_0_468x10000At age 87, died Mikhail Ostrovidov, legendary television cameraman.

Ostrovidov was working on first broadcasts of TV zagreb. He recorded the first program of this television, the first sports and drama programs, which were also broadcasted live.

He graduated in 1949 at the cinematography department, at Cinema School in Zagreb. He studied art history at the University of Zagreb and camera at the Academy for Theatre and Film Arts.

At the beginning of his career he worked as a camera assistant in the editorial board of the Croatian Film Journal in Jadran film. Later he worked as cameraman at TV Zagreb.

After his retirement in 1991 he continued to work as an associate of the Croatian Television, reporting from the Croatian War for Independance.

As a cinematographer has collaborated with many Croatian directors. For “Igra”, directed by Dušan Vukotić, Ostrovidov won the Grand Prix at the Film Festival in Mannheim. Among the other prizes ihe also won Golden Pen of Croatian Journalists Society (1980) and the “Otokar Keršovani” Lifetime Achievement Award (2002)

Histogram, Vectroscope, False Color…


The digital age has brought a completely new set of tools for assessing exposure, color balance, color saturation … Not long ago a fundamental cinematography tool was a light meter. Since evaluating image on the monitor is not very safe method, contemporary cinematographers have to adopt knowledge brought by digital technology.

Find out more about the world of Scopes – Histogram, Vectroscope, False Color …  in this B & H tutorial, hosted by Chase Kubasiak from Zacuto,

Video can be found at this link.

Camerimage 2016 Winners


On 19.11.2016 the winners of the most respected cinematography festival, Camerimage, were announced

From the several categories the most important competition is for or the Golden Frog Award.

Greg Frasier ACS, ASC  won Golden Frog for Lion, director Garth Davis. Bradford Young, ASC  was awarded Silver Frog for Arrival director Denis Villeneuve, and a Bronze Frog went to Anthony Dod Mantle DFF, ASC, B.S.C. for Snowden, director Oliver Stone.

On the following links you will find trailers of winning films