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Pregledavanjem arhiva vezanih uz nedavnu bitku za očuvanje statusa koautora za snimatelje uočili smo propust. Naime, u mnoštvu pisama podrške, a koje smo redovito objavljivali, nekako se zametnulo ono upućeno od nedvojbeno najvažnijeg snimateljskog festivala, Energa CAMERIMAGE.

Grešku sada ispravljamo uz isprike i zahvalu prijateljima iz Camerimagea, te direktoru festivala Mareku Zydowicu. Živili!

Pismo prenosimo u cijelosti.

May 29, 2020
The Croatian Audiovisual Centre
Chief Executive Officer
Mr Christopher Peter Marcich
Nova Ves 18
10 000 Zagreb Croatia

To Whom It May Concern
The International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography Camerimage was founded in 1993. For the past thirty years, together with my team, we have been meeting with filmmakers from around the world to discuss the artistic merits of film imagery.

Today, there is no doubt that the work of cinematographers combines both aesthetic and semantic creation. What the image captured by camera adds to the script cannot be expressed in words. It is the cinematographer’s responsibility to give it the final shape and make it appealing to the viewer’s eye.

Cinematographers compose the frame, set the camera for the scene, adjust the lighting, determine the color palate and create dynamic or static shots and sequences. Cinematographers are like painters who use light to determine the film’s visual expression. Cinematographer is an artist!

I would like to ask you to respect the artistic and professional rights of Croatian cinematographers.

Cinematic image is shaped as a result of creative collaboration of many artists, particularly the director and cinematographer, as well as set designers, actors, editors, screenwriters and composers.
We strongly believe that these creators should retain full rights to their film work. Commercial interests of some producers should not deprive the rightful film authors of their due recognition and
remuneration. Just like any other work whose final form is a result of creative process engaged in by its author, film image, in terms of its composition and aesthetic appeal, should be subject to legal
protection, while its creators should have the right to demand less interference in their work from distributors and screening venues. Producers should always take into account cinematographers’
artistic and material rights.

I believe that every cinematographer’s inalienable right is not to be exploited by entities that focus primarily on the commercial aspects of film production.

Any decision by a government or legislative body should be based on humanistic values and respect for the work of others, especially when that work is of artistic nature, Considering the above, I am kindly asking you to allow Croatian cinematographers to retain their position as rightful authors of the image and co-authors of the audiovisual work, a status they have held for the last 75 years. Croatia can either come out of this situation as a role model for other countries or become a negative example of degradation of artists and disrespect for the rights of visual creators.

Yours faithfully,

Marek Zydowic
Director of Ener aCAMERIMAGE Film Festival
28th International Film Festival, 14—21 November 2020, Torufi, Poland
Festival Office: Tumult Foundation, Rynek Nowomiejski 28. 87-100 Toruri, Poland
tel. +48 566210019, e-mail: camerimage@camerimage.pl, office@camerimage.pl
www.energacamerimage.pl .camerimagefestival nfacebook.com/camerimage