Bezrezervna podrška Talijanske snimateljske asocijacije

Nakon podrške glasovitog direktora fotografije, Luciana Tovolia, javili su nam se i naši talijanski prijatelji. Dragi kolegice i kolege, cijenimo ovako izričitu potporu jedne od najstarijih svjetskih snimateljskih asocijacija. Tanti cari saluti, cari amici!

Pismo podrške prenosimo u cijelosti.

To: The Croatian Audiovisual Centre

 Chief Executive Officer

 Mr. Christopher Peter Marchich

 Nova Ves 18, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

A.I.C. is the Italian Association of Cinematographers. It’s one of the most ancient Associations of his kind, by the way the 18th of May will be seventy years from its birth. 

As Association, we have heard that the Croatian Government and the Croatian State Intellectual Property Office are about to renegotiate the Croatian copyright law, in order to reduce/eliminate any right on the audiovisual work of the Croatian Cinematographers.

This we believe reduces the sense of professionalism and the artistic charge that foreign realities will have in approaching the possibility of using Croatian Cinematographers in the co-productions that they will eventually want to produce in Croatia, so as to relegate them to second-rate figures.

We believe also that this will reduce and diminish those who with their work and professionalism have given much in affirming Croatian Cinematographers as an important and independent voice in the panorama of European Cinematography.

Beyond the fact that our appreciation for our Croatian colleagues will not fail, we believe that it is disgraceful and undesirable to renegotiate or reduce the copyright for Croatian Cinematography where, all over the world, the concept of Copyright for Cinematographers is increasingly becoming a concrete reality.

Therefore, extending our support to our Croatian colleagues, we ask the Croatian government and the Croatian State Intellectual Property Office not to reduce and/or remove the Croatian copyright law for Cinematographers that our colleagues with their hard work have acquired.


         Marco Carosi

    A.I.C. Vice President