Goran Mećava, h.f.s. in Jury for “Moving Image”


Goran Mećava, h.f.s. will participate in the jury of the first cinematography film festival titled “Moving image”. The festival is held in Belgrade, October 25th to 29th 2016. The event was organized by SAS, Serbian Cinematographer Association.

8 films, chosen by the selector, director of photography Miodrag Milosevic are in competition. Other members of the jury are Timo Heinänen, director of photography from Helsinki, also a photographer and professor at the ELO film school Aalto University in Helsinki and Miodrag Glušica, cinematography professor at FDU in Belgrade, one of the founders, and the first president of SAS.

Guests of the festival will be the president of IMAGO, Norwegian cameraman Paul Rene Roested and Nigel Walters, BSC, vicepresident of the British association and one of the founders of the IMAGO. During the festival there will be three lectures and master class workshops.

The festival will be opened with a feature-length documentary “No Subtitles Necessary” which deals with friendship and work of two prominent Hollywood cinematographer, Vilmos Zsigmond and Laszlo Kovacs’s.

Branko Linta, h.f.s. on “The Constitution”


“The Constitution” is intimate love story about four people who live in the same building in the center of Zagreb. It is a story about people who are each very different, from social status to sexual orientation, political worldview and religion to which they belong or do not belong. Except from the area they live in, often contradictory “demons of the past” connects them. The demons that drive them to live more out of the past than in the present. (Rajko Grlić, director’s concept)

The building in which our heroes live share the same city block with the house where lives director Rajko Grlić. With the sentence “I’ll take you to the apartment which is ideal as Vjeko Kralj flat” began the search for spaces and the spirit of the film, “but it is best to go there at night.”

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Vintage Lens Test

Lens test was made before shooting the second season of “Black and white world”, to find the lenses through which will make a certain change of look and texture, for certain scenes. So this is not a test examining i technical characteristics of the lenses, but the practical test, where I tried to figure out how aging lenses cope with tricky lighting situations.
For example, in the interior the camera is placed opposite overexposed window and the light fixture was directed to the unprotected lens.
On the daylight exterior lens was also totally unprotected, pointed towards  a strong backlight,  no fill light.
Night exterior is supposed to show you how lenses cope with visible light sources in the frame.
I found test results very interesting, and decided to go with Cooke Speed Panchro (newly produced) as a second set of lenses (next to Mini Cooke S4), and for some scenes I used Kinoptik Apochromat’s.
Mario Sablic

Nigel Walters BSC, IMAGO honorary member


During the dinner offered by the Macedonian Society of Cinematographers to all IMAGO delegates a surprise aroused. The IMAGO president Paul René Roestad and General Secretary Louis Philippe Capelle announced Nigel Walters the former president as honorary member of IMAGO. In fact, there was no one who most deserved such a distinction at the moment. Nigel has been a great ambassador of IMAGO and its goals everywhere he goes. He has worked since he embraced the ideas and goals of the federation to make it well known and recognized around the world. Nigel became president in 2008 leaving in 2015 due the expiration time of mandate imposed by the statutes.

During the presidency of IMAGO apart from being a great ambassador of the IMAGO brand, Nigel put out a Balkan Conference to be held every year at the Manaki Film Festival. This is an initiative who Nigel is very proud of, putting together and sitting in the same table Balkan countries who some of them not long ago were at war in result of the brake of Yugoslavia.

Nigel became the third Honorary member of IMAGO.

During the period of Nigel’s IMAGO presidency, the associate members got the right to become full members with the same rights as any other society. Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Canada and Israel joined immediately the federation as full members as soon the bill was approved by the general assembly in Greece 2014. Also during this period 13 more societies joined the federation they were: Australia ACS, Bosnia Herzegovina ASBH, Canada CSC, New Zealand NZCS, Japan JSC, Israel ACT, Philippines FSC, Iran IRSC, Ireland ISC, Romania RSC, Serbia SAS, South Korea KSC and Turkey TSC. The German society BVK which had left the federation in result of the chaotic financial situation during the book severe crisis returned to IMAGO. On the other end it was unfortunate that the French AFC left the federation in disagreement with the politics followed with the expansion of the federation out of the European borders and with the policy followed for the website. During Nigel’s presidency the relationship with Camerimage was reestablished in full.

It was published 3 editions of the World Cinematographers Directory in close collaboration with the British Cinematographer magazine along with a section exclusively dedicated to IMAGO in every issue of the magazine. For the first time in the history of IMAGO the General Assembly was held out of Europe in Jerusalem in 2015 His efforts in defending and promoting the cinematographer and cinematography was well known all over the world spreading the name of IMAGO amongst fellow colleagues, companies, festivals and in many other events.

Nigel Walters has a great deal of responsible for the expansion and the growth of IMAGO during his presidency.

Film aesthetics of the eighties

















For the fourth time Croatian Cinematographers Society, in cooperation with the Croatian State Archives and Jadran Film organizes film program dedicated to film aesthetics of the period. After a retrospective of film aesthetics of the fifties, sixties and seventies, the time is to look back at the eighties of the last century. The program is, as in previous retrospectives, supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre

Screenings will be held in Muller, as part of the Zagreb cinema Europe. Free admission.

Tuesday 27.09. – 19:00

Izgubljeni zavičaj, director Ante Babaja, director of photography Goran Trbuljak

Wednesday 28.09. – 19:15

Samo jednom se ljubi, director Rajko Grlić, director of photography Tomislav Pinter

Thursday 29.09. – 19:00

Oficir s ružom, director Dejan Šorak, director of photography Goran Trbuljak

Friday 30.09. – 19:00

Sokol ga nije volio, director Branko Schmidt, director of photography Goran Trbuljak

Saturday 01.10. – 17:00

Čudesna šuma, directors Milan Blažeković i Doro Vlado Hreljanović

Sunday 02.10. – 19:00

Život sa stricem, director Krsto Papić, director of photography Boris Turković

Monday 03.10.

Glembajevi, director Antun Vrdoljak, director of photography
Vjekoslav Vrdoljak

Željko Sarić, h.f.s. participates in jury of The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards


Member of h.f.s., Željko Sarić, cinematographer and director, was invited to be member of the jury in this years Corporate Media & TV Awards, which will be held in Cannes on october 12th and 13th.

The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards are annually honoring the world’s finest corporate films, online media and TV productions.

Mr. Sarić is member of the jury for documentary films.


Tamara Cesarec, h.f.s. won Gold Arena for cinematography


At 63rd Pula Film Festival Tamara Cesarec, h.f.s. won cinematography Gold Arena for her brilliant work on "Shooting stars".

The festival jury (Sanja Vejnović, Bruno Kragić, Labina Mitevska, Hrvoje Mršić and Donald K. Ranvaud presented the award for "innovative use of cinematography techniques that strongly characterize the general tone of the film"

Congratulations Tamara

Annual Cinematography Awards “Nikola Tanhofer” presented on 63rd Pula Film Festival


The ceremony of presenting annual cinematography awards “Nikola Tanhofer” for 2016 (projects presented in 2015) by Croatian Cinematographer Society H.F.S. took place on Tuesday, 12th of July at the Pula Arena as part of the 63rd  Pula Film Festival. The awards were presented by Željko Sarić h.f.s., member of the jury. Other two members of the jury were Goran Mećava, h.f.s. and Mladen Matula, h.f.s..

In total, six feature films, three television series and 16 short films, mainly features, applied in competition.

In the short film category jury decided to nominate Mirko Pivčević, h.f.s.  Polenta, Branko Linta, h.f.s. Belladonna and Eva Kraljević, I Like that Super Most the Best,  and the prize went to Eva Kraljević.

Eva Kraljevic

In TV series category nominees were Mario Sablić, h.f.s. (for two series  – Rest in peace season 2, and Black and White World) and Damir Kudin, h.f.s. Do not tell anyone.

The jury awarded  Mario Sablić for the series ‘Black and white world’

Mario Sablic

In the feature film category, the nominees were Tamara Cesarec, h.f.s. Shooting Stars, Branko Linta, h.f.s. The Reaper and Radislav Jovanov, h.f.s. Life is a Trumpet.

The winner is Branko Linta.

Branko and Nikola Linta

You can read about the jury’s view here

Cover photos: Zeljko Sarić, Eva Kraljević, Mario Sablić, Branko and Nikola Linta

(Authors of the photos Srećko Niketić, Matija Šćulac and Slaven Radolović)