Željko Sarić, h.f.s. participates in jury of The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards


Member of h.f.s., Željko Sarić, cinematographer and director, was invited to be member of the jury in this years Corporate Media & TV Awards, which will be held in Cannes on october 12th and 13th.

The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards are annually honoring the world’s finest corporate films, online media and TV productions.

Mr. Sarić is member of the jury for documentary films.


Tamara Cesarec, h.f.s. won Gold Arena for cinematography


At 63rd Pula Film Festival Tamara Cesarec, h.f.s. won cinematography Gold Arena for her brilliant work on "Shooting stars".

The festival jury (Sanja Vejnović, Bruno Kragić, Labina Mitevska, Hrvoje Mršić and Donald K. Ranvaud presented the award for "innovative use of cinematography techniques that strongly characterize the general tone of the film"

Congratulations Tamara

Annual Cinematography Awards “Nikola Tanhofer” presented on 63rd Pula Film Festival


The ceremony of presenting annual cinematography awards “Nikola Tanhofer” for 2016 (projects presented in 2015) by Croatian Cinematographer Society H.F.S. took place on Tuesday, 12th of July at the Pula Arena as part of the 63rd  Pula Film Festival. The awards were presented by Željko Sarić h.f.s., member of the jury. Other two members of the jury were Goran Mećava, h.f.s. and Mladen Matula, h.f.s..

In total, six feature films, three television series and 16 short films, mainly features, applied in competition.

In the short film category jury decided to nominate Mirko Pivčević, h.f.s.  Polenta, Branko Linta, h.f.s. Belladonna and Eva Kraljević, I Like that Super Most the Best,  and the prize went to Eva Kraljević.

Eva Kraljevic

In TV series category nominees were Mario Sablić, h.f.s. (for two series  – Rest in peace season 2, and Black and White World) and Damir Kudin, h.f.s. Do not tell anyone.

The jury awarded  Mario Sablić for the series ‘Black and white world’

Mario Sablic

In the feature film category, the nominees were Tamara Cesarec, h.f.s. Shooting Stars, Branko Linta, h.f.s. The Reaper and Radislav Jovanov, h.f.s. Life is a Trumpet.

The winner is Branko Linta.

Branko and Nikola Linta

You can read about the jury’s view here

Cover photos: Zeljko Sarić, Eva Kraljević, Mario Sablić, Branko and Nikola Linta

(Authors of the photos Srećko Niketić, Matija Šćulac and Slaven Radolović)

“Nikola Tanhofer” 2016 Awards

Eva KraljevićI Like That Super Most the Best

Eva Kraljević

EveKraljević’s film distinguishes itself with its comprehensive and uncompromising approach. The author enriched an intimate story filled with deep and honest emotions with photography that observes closely but is not being obtrusive. It sparks our interest and pulls us into the story.

The film is characterized by a skilful selection of camera angles, movements, steadiness, sharpness, lack of sharpness and frame composition. Lightning is appropriate, natural and consistent. The film is a mature work of a talented author.

Mario Sablić, h.f.s. “Black and White World

Mario Sablić

Raised to the level of a social phenomenon where everybody has taken the right to make a review of the 1980s and present their truth about those times, the story about the series Black and White World pushed into the background the artistic collaborators who brought to life the spirit of the time.

Distinctive art direction and costume design are perfectly blended in a masterly composed cinematography by Mario Sablić, h.f.s.

Prudent and impressive compositions characterized by distinctive stylisations and the creation of an atsmophere of a past period define the work of a refined author.

This is especially manifested in his interiors where he uses lightning and a  scale of warm tones to build characters, athering to the highest cinematography standards.

The series leaves the impression of superb production precisely because of its cinematography.

Branko Linta, h.f.s. “The Reaper

Branko Linta

Branko Linta’s photography in the film The Reaper distinguishes itself with high aestheticism which is not the consequence of the cinematographer’s wish to promote himself but rather an integral part of the film as a whole that proves to be purposeful and efficient in terms of dramaturgy.

Distinctive light and shade movements and impressive visual compositions stress the coldness of the world dominated by darkness in which lost souls wander around, avare of the hopelessness of their condition.

The cinematographer’s masterly skills are primarly manifested through framing. His compositions are clean and measured and they intensify the protagonists sense of loneliness. The need to complete and raise the plot to a higher level defines Linta as a mature author, technically flawless and skilful at creating the photography that is simultaneously striking and perfectly in line with the needs of the film.








Annual Cinematography awards Nikola Tanhofer 2016 – Nominations

Goran Mećava, Mladen Matula and Željko Sarić were members of the Jury of the this year “Annual Cinematography Awards Nikola Tanhofer” for 2016 (projects premiered in 2015). This is the 3rd installment of this award by Croatian Cinematographer Society.

In total, 6 feature films, 3 television series and 16 short films entered the competition. The jury decided to nominate three projects in each category.

The winners will be announced and prizes awarded at this year’s Pula Film Festival.

These are the nominated projects:


Narodni hero Ljiljan Vidić” – director of photography Tamara Cesarec, c.c.s.

Kosac” – director of photography Branko Linta, c.c.s.

Život je truba”- director of photography Radislav Jovanov, c.c.s.


Počivali u miru” – director of photography Mario Sablić, c.c.s.

Nemoj nikom reći” – director of photography Damir Kudin, c.c.s.

Crno bijeli svijet” – director of photography Mario Sablić, c.c.s.


Polenta” – director of photography Mirko Pivčević, c.c.s.

“Belladonna” – director of photography Branko Linta, c.c.s.

Lijepo mi je s tobom, znaš” – director of photography Eva Kraljević

Applications for the “Nikola Tanhofer” award

From 1 March 2016 to 1 April 2016, works in all categories can be submitted to compete for the second annual Nikola Tanhofer award, presented by the Croatian Cinematographers Society.

As in the previous two years, the award will be presented for best achievements in cinematographic art with the aim to validate authorial distinctiveness and cinematographic excellence and to promote motion picture photography, visual and film culture.

The annual cinematographers’ award is presented in three categories:

1. Feature film

2. TV series

3. Short film forms

Eligible to compete for the C.C.S. annual award are works within the stated categories that premiered in cinema distribution or TV programs broadcasted in the territory of the Republic of Croatia in the period from 1 January to 31 December 2015.

In the category of short film forms, the condition for eligibility is being in competition at a domestic or foreign film festival held in the same period.

Natural and/or legal persons submitting their works to be considered for the annual HFS award are require do deliver at least one copy of the respective project in digital format to HFS.

In the category of TV series, it is sufficient to deliver one episode of the TV series in question.

The award decision will be made by a three-member jury, consisting of HFS members.

Works competing for the annual cinematographers’ award can be submitted by cinematography authors themselves (HFS membership optional), the production company under which the project was completed and HFS members, regardless of whether they have participated in the production of the nominated project.

The date and place of the award ceremony are to be announced.

In the pre-selection procedure, the jury will select up to three works that will enter the final consideration for the award. Nomination as one of the three works considered for the annual award in each category represents a recognition received by the author of cinematography in written form.

A received annual HFS award or nomination for the same can be used in the promotion of award or nomination winning projects.

The C.C.S. will publish the information on winners on its website (www.hfs.com.hr), notify the media and also report to IMAGO – European Federation of Cinematographers, of which C.C.S. is a full member.

Since I believe that we all care for promoting the film and visual culture, I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to submit the works that in your opinion meet the high artistic and aesthetic criteria that HFS upholds in its work.

Our efforts have been recognized by the Croatian Audiovisual Center (HAVC), under whose patronage the annual cinematographers’ award was established.

The works need to be submitted in writing to the address: Hrvatska udruga filmskih snimatelja, Britanski trg 12, 10000 Zagreb or by

email at kontakt@hfs.com.hr.

You can download the application form at the bottom of this post.

The contact persons for additional clarifications are Branko Linta (branko.linta@me.com) and Mario Sablić (mario.sablic@gmail.com).

Best regards,

Mario Sablić

President of the Croatian Cinematographers Society

Postproduction time for “Goran”, cinematographer Damir Kudin, c.c.s.


Goran is a new collaborative effort from cinematographer Damir Kudin and director Nevio Marasović. They have previously worked together on the films Show Must Go On and Vis-a-Vis, and Goran is their first drama with elements of thriller. After only 24 days of shooting on locations in Gorski kotar, Zagreb and Ravna gora, editing was completed and the project is currently in the post-production stage.

You can read more about the shoot here

A.S.C. Award for Vanja Černjul

At the 30th American Society of Cinematographers’ Awards, HFS and ASC member Vanja Černjul was the winner in the TV series category. He received the ASC award for his brilliant cinematography on the series Marco Polo, episode “The Fourth Step”, produced by Netflix.

You can find a short trailer for the episode and more info on the nomination here.

Vanja Černjul has been working as a high-profile and successful cinematographer in the United States for a number of years now and was previously nominated for the ASC award, for the pilot episode of the series Bored to Death. Among his many awards, the Golden Arena at the Pula Film Festival for the film Ćaća, as well as two Emmy nominations for 30 Rock and Nurse Jackie stand out the most.

Congratulations, Vanja!

Photo taken from the American Society of Cinematographers website.