Short Film “Zvonar Katedrale”

On the website of the Croatian Cinematographer Society we will try to point out the works of cinematographers which had somehow escaped the attention of the general public, although the attention was well deserved.

One of these works is the short film Zvonar katedrale, by Željko Sarić, who is also a complete author. Movie is from 2003., and Sarić combines different film techniques, uses 35 mm and 16 mm film stock, timelapse photography, damaged emulsion of expired films stock, color, black and white and sepia pictures … and all with the aim of creating a unique visual mosaic, built of different, seemingly incompatible elements. Sarić skillfully reconstructs visual elements of silent era, uses variously textures images and creates work of extremely interesting visual range. Zvonar katedrale is a little visual gem, a short film without dialogue, presented only by moving pictures and sound. It would be a shame to remain hidden. Thanks to fellow Sarić for a copy of Zvonar.

Zvonar katedrale