Meksički direktori fotografije podržavaju hrvatske kolegice i kolege

Odlučnu podršku dobili smo i od svojih meksičkih kolega. We appreciate Your strong support. Salud!

Pismo prenosimo u cijelosti.

Sociedad de Autores de Fotografía Cinematográfica Mexican Society of Cinematographers

Mario Sablić

President of the Croatian Cinematography Society, H.F.S.

Dear colleague:

It is with great sadness to read what your government is trying to do to the authorship of the Cinematographers in your country.

Mexico has the Copyright Law and the cinematography law in which the photographers and cinematographers are authors or co-authors since decades back.

We’re generally considered co-authors of the film with Directors, Writers, Actors, Musicians and others as primary authors in the film industry. We have moral and economic rights even though we have never been able to have the patrimonial (economic) part enabled due to the greed of the Producers so we are left with the moral right which is an inalienable right.

In chapter III of the Mexican Authorship Federal Law is the stipulation of our authorship.

The AMC is outraged of such an action that would be taken by your government or any other government for that matter. We will support any and all efforts by your Society to defend an inalienable right.

Best regards.

Board of Directors

Mexican Cinematographer Society

Concepción Beistegui No. 819 – 3, Colonia Del Valle, Ciudad de México, C.P. 03100, México