Otvoreno pismo Vittoria Storara, AIC, ASC

Photo by Simone D’Arcangelo

U otvorenom pismu, upućenom na adresu ravnatelja Hrvatskog audio vizualnog centra, jedan od naznačajnijih snimatelja u povijesti filma osvrnuo se na ideju oduzimanja statusa ko-autora hrvatskim snimateljima. Pismo prenosimo u cijelosti.

VITTORIO STORARO                        Roma 27-4-2020

Croatian copyright law

Dear Mr. Christopher Peter Marcich

Probably you know my name and some titles of Films that I made as Cinematographer, while working meanly with Directors as: Bernardo Bertolucci-Francis Ford Coppola-Warren Beatty-Carlos Saura and Woody Allen.  I’m member of the Italian Association of Cinematographer, the American Society of Cinematographer as well of IMAGO, the Federation of the European Cinematographers. I’m also member of the Italian-European-American ACADEMY OF CINEMATOGRAPHERS.

I know Croatia because I did a Movie in Zagreb some years ago, discovering the GREAT CROATIAN PAINTERS, initially in Klebine, name as: Ivan Filipovic-M. Mehrek-Dragan Gazi, etc… so I study the work of Ivan Generalic and few years later (1973) I had the opportunity to do a specific Film about: Ivan Vecenaj- Mijo Kovacic-Ivan Lackovic and Ivan Rabuzin, directly in their home and studios.  I was in Zagreb again for a Masterclass at the “Accademia D’Arte Drammatica” (Frankopanska 22) in February 2019 and of course I visited again the “Museo Croato dell’Arte Naive” that originally I knew since 1961, for the pleasure to see again the Great master of Painting on glass. To be honest, the Croatian Painters were and are my teachers in knowing the potential expression of COLORS in visual Art. Knowledge that inspire myself in doing the Cinematography of several International Films.

I’m sure that also through the Croatian Cinematographers work THOSE GREAT CROATIAN STILE IN VISUAL ART IS PRESENT IN YOUR CINEMA and well know all around the world, ALL OF IT IS PART OF THE CROATIAN CULTURE.  I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH THE LETTER THAT IMAGO SENT TO YOU …To reduce the rights of Croatian Cinematographers will influence Croatia’s established high reputation among International Film-workers and will be seen as a deffinite step innthe wrong direction for the country. 

It is my not only my personal opinion that the Croatian Audiovisual Center should SUPPORT the rights of Croatian Cinematographers and NOT reduce it. 

Sincerely, Vittorio Storaro