Pismo podrške Darius Khondji ASC, AFC

Pismo podrške stiglo nam je i od snimatelja svjetskog renomea, Dariusa Khondjia ASC, AFC, autora filmske fotografije na preko sedamdeset filmova, među kojima su Delicatessen, Sedam, Evita, Soba panike, Ljubav, Rimu, s ljubavlju…da navedemo samo neke. Pismo gospodina Khondjia prenosimo u cijelosti:

“Dear colleagues, friends, 

I am writing to you in regard of the unsettling news you have shared recently where I’ve learned of the Proposal to the Croatian copyright law issued by Croatian State Intellectual Property Office and Croatian Government. I find it very disturbing that proposal suggests changes to deprive you of your role as authors of images and co-authors of audiovisual work, especially after 75 years you’ve been entitled to it. 

Through our responsibility for cinematography as a key visual element, through visual and lighting design, artistry, craftsmanship and a lot more “in our game”, we cinematographers imprint our personal marks as authors to the film. By doing so, we are there to translate director’s vision into images and build a unique visual communication with public. To challenge cinematographer’s undeniable role as an author is a bad and ridiculous move not acceptable at any times, especially nowadays while world is fighting bigger challenges. 

Thus, I stand firmly with IMAGO (International Federation of Cinematographers) and give my unreserved support to you dear Croatian cinematographers, and your efforts to maintain status as authors of your creative work. Further, I address the authorities in-charge to find understanding and reconsider the proposed changes of the law into Croatian cinematographers’ favor.” 

Sincerely, Darius Khondji ASC, AFC Cinematographer