Pismo podrške Dushan Kardalevski, M.S.C.

I pored podrške Makedonske snimateljske asocijacije, M.S.C., njihov član, Dushan Kardalevski osobno nam se obratio iskazujući bezrezervnu potporu. Hvala Dushane od svih hrvatskih kolega snimatelja!

Pismo prenosimo u cijelosti

Dushan Kardalevski ,
Member of
Macedonian Society of Cinematographers
То: Croatian Cinematographers Society

Dear colleagues,
As a member of the Macedonian Society of Cinematographers, I would like to support the efforts of Croatian cinematographers in their attempt to prevent the proposed changes of the current law on Authorship Rights regarding the position of cinematographers as co-authors of the film. This change would mean that the cinematographers would no longer be recognized as audiovisual authors.

The Director of Photography in collaboration with the Director through visual narration leaves a distinctive author’s mark on the film. His creative independence in making decisions regarding the lighting, framing, composition, camera movement and everything visually related makes him co-author of the cinematographic work. Every choice a cinematographer makes is an author’s choice that contributes in the creation of the authentic work of art. Considering that the film is an art form which communicates with its audience primarily on a visual level, I believe that the position of the cinematographer as a co-author is indisputable.

Therefore, denying the cinematographers the status of an “author” would not only result in their loss of motivation, but would also be an example of injustice. 

In Republic of North Macedonia, as well as in most of the European Countries, the cinematographers are considered co-authors of audio-visual art. In our experience the responsibility that comes with the status of co-author is highly motivating, boosts our creativity and has a positive effect on the final product. The stripping of the authors status will have a direct negative impact on the motivation and the creativity of our colleagues. I truly believe and hope that Croatian authorities will make the right choice and that they will not deprive the cinematographers their rightfully earned status.

Dushan Kardalevski MSC