Pismo podrške Ukrajinske snimateljske udruge

Zaahvaljujemo Ukrajinskim kolegama na pismu podrške koje objavljujemo u cijelosti.

Dear friends!

                  The Ukrainian Guild of Cinematographers, UGC, fully supports the colleagues of Croatian cinematographers in their fight to prevent changes to the Law on Copyright and Related Rights, which directly affects the role of the cinematographer as a co-author of an audiovisual work.

              Cinematographers of Ukraine gained protection of their creative rights on the basis of the Laws on artistic and creative activities and creative unions. Based on the position that DP, organizing the space of action in the frame, creatively transforms the perception of the object into an artistic picture frame, the visual-plastic form of which is an expressive source of perception by the recipient – the defining basis of the work of art. Therefore, each frame is a picture of the film – the fruit of creative work, like any photographic or drawn work, on the basis of which a visual culture and visualization of the form of communication are formed. And it is DP who is the author of the image projected onto the screen in any technology.

              We all must remember that the birth of cinema took place on December 28, 1895, when the first cinema was held in one of the halls of the Big Cafe on Kapucinok Boulevard. It was created by the cinematographer. Only after that did directors, composers appear … If you turn off the image in the film, it will turn into a radio show. This is an axiom.

              Image is a supporting expressive language of the film. Without an image, a movie cannot exist. As well as the image without the author – DP.

             The lighting and visual design of the film is, and this has always been the main responsibility of the cinematographer. They create an atmosphere, and affect the sensations of the entire film, with their own personality. Therefore, they are definitely co-authors of the films.

              And any infringement on the copyright of cinematographer is an offense that must be fought consolidated and everywhere.”    

              All the best!   

             Segiy Lysetskiy           President UGC

                     Aleksandr Shygaiev    General Secretary UGC IMAGO