Pismo potpore stiže i iz dalekog New Zealanda!

Pismo podrške stiglo je iz dalekog New Zealanda. Hvala Vam novozelandske snimateljice i snimatelji što ste prepoznali europsku tradiciju priznavanja snimatelja kao ko-autora audioviziualnog djela, a koja se ovim prijedlogom ZASP-a nastoji ukinuti!

Pismo prenosimo u cijelosti.

It was very disappointing for us to be told by the Croatian Cinematographers Society that the Croatian Government plans to change the Croatian Copyright Law and reduce the Croatian Cinematographer’s position.

New Zealand does not have any authorship rights for cinematographers’ creative work in any film or television format. Therefore, we have long admired the European countries that have this long-established tradition. It respects the creative work of Cinematographers – the authorship of their images and co-authors of their audio-visual work.

We find it very unfortunate that a country would change something that has been so long established and held in such high regard by so many other countries around the world.

We fully support the Croatian Cinematographers Society in asking the Croatian Government and Croatian Intellectual Property Office to withdraw any proposition to reduce Croatian Cinematographers authorship rights.

Murray Milne NZCS Acting President of New Zealand Cinematographers Society (NZCS)

E: admin@nzcine.com