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Pismo prenosimo u cijelosti.

The Croatian Audiovisual Centre

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Christopher Peter Marcich

Nova Ves 18

10 000 Zagreb Croatia

28 th April 2020

To Whom It May Concern

The British Society of Cinematographers (BSC) has existed for seventy years and through those decades has worked to promote and encourage the highest standards in cinematography both in the UK and abroad. The BSC is also a founding member of IMAGO, the federation of cinematographic societies that represents over 5,000 cinematographers worldwide.

It has been brought to our attention that the Croatian government, and in particular the Croatian State Intellectual Property Office, has moved to deny Croatian cinematographers the rights of co- authorship over their work, rights that they have earned and enjoyed for many years.

It is the BSC’s view that every cinematographer is the author of his or her work as laid down by international law insofar as they have imprinted their mark of personality – which is unique upon the film, together with the director. To reverse a policy that recognises this facet of creative endeavour, in an industry that creates wealth and jobs wherever it is found, must be seen as short-sighted at best, an act of cultural vandalism at worst.

Because of the long-standing position of Croatian cinematographers in the field of authorship rights – and because of the very high standards of their work – Croatia itself has enjoyed high status among the worldwide cinematographic community. This is with regard it being a production base and shooting location as well as being a recognition of its workforce.

It would reflect badly upon the Croatian government and its cultural ambassadors if it were to now go against the tide of progress and deny its cinematographers that which is deservedly theirs. In support of our friends and colleagues in Croatia, we ask that the decision to deny authorship rights to cinematographers there be reconsidered and reversed. It would be the fair and just thing to do.

Respectively Yours

Mike Eley BSC President