Podrška Latvijske snimateljske udruge

Snažna podrška Latvijskih snimateljica i snimatelja. Priekā!

To: Mr. Mario Sablić

President of HFS

Britanski trg 12, HR-10000


Riga, Latvija


Letter of support.

According to our information, the Croatian government has launched a legislative initiative to restrict the rights / copyrights of Cinematographers in Croatia.

Latvian Guild of Cinematographers (LGC) agrees with its Croatian counterparts and considers it an unacceptable and unsupportable practice to restrict the already legally established rights of Cinematographers.

In this context, the LGC expresses its strongest support to Croatian Cinematographers Society HFS for its activities in respecting the rights of Cinematographers.

Kindest regards

President of Latvian Guild of Cinematographers, LGC

Gints Bérzins