AFC odlučno podržava HFS

Odlučna podrška stigla nam je od francuskih snimatelja. Hvala kolegama i predsjedniku AFC-a, Gillesu Porteu.

Pismo prenosimo u cijelosti.

“The AFC is the French Association of Cinematographers that counts about 150 active members, and over 80 associate members and companies representing our industry all over the country.

We’ve recently been informed by the Croatian Cinematographers Society (HFS) that the Croatian Government and the Croatian State Intellectual Property Office proposed changes to the Croatian copyright law, which would significantly reduce Croatian cinematographers’ position as rightful authors of the image and co-authors of the audiovisual work, whereas this status was existing for the 75 last years.

Cinematography isn’t only a visual form of art when it comes to filmaking, but our role in this process is to translate a director’s vision, to find a visual style that serves a subject and allow feelings and emotions to travel in the audience’s minds. We are the words and grammar of storytellers, from an artistic and a technical stand point.

As far as authorship is concerned, would you imagine still photographers in the press, commercials or any form of art being suddenly deprived of their due copyrights ? That would simply be seen as a hard and authoritarian regression. A similar deprivation for cinematographers would be perceived exactly the same by the whole industry all over the world.

Thus, we give our full and unreserved support to the Croatian cinematographers, and truly hope you will reconsider the proposed changes and thereby maintain their creative status as authors of their work.


For the AFC

Gilles Porte