Annual Cinematography Awards “Nikola Tanhofer” presented on 63rd Pula Film Festival

The ceremony of presenting annual cinematography awards “Nikola Tanhofer” for 2016 (projects presented in 2015) by Croatian Cinematographer Society H.F.S. took place on Tuesday, 12th of July at the Pula Arena as part of the 63rd  Pula Film Festival. The awards were presented by Željko Sarić h.f.s., member of the jury. Other two members of the jury were Goran Mećava, h.f.s. and Mladen Matula, h.f.s..

In total, six feature films, three television series and 16 short films, mainly features, applied in competition.

In the short film category jury decided to nominate Mirko Pivčević, h.f.s.  Polenta, Branko Linta, h.f.s. Belladonna and Eva Kraljević, I Like that Super Most the Best,  and the prize went to Eva Kraljević.

Eva Kraljevic

In TV series category nominees were Mario Sablić, h.f.s. (for two series  – Rest in peace season 2, and Black and White World) and Damir Kudin, h.f.s. Do not tell anyone.

The jury awarded  Mario Sablić for the series ‘Black and white world’

Mario Sablic

In the feature film category, the nominees were Tamara Cesarec, h.f.s. Shooting Stars, Branko Linta, h.f.s. The Reaper and Radislav Jovanov, h.f.s. Life is a Trumpet.

The winner is Branko Linta.

Branko and Nikola Linta

You can read about the jury’s view here

Cover photos: Zeljko Sarić, Eva Kraljević, Mario Sablić, Branko and Nikola Linta

(Authors of the photos Srećko Niketić, Matija Šćulac and Slaven Radolović)