Finished Principal Photography for “Black and White World” Season 2


The second season brought together the same author team. The director , who is also the head writer was Goran Kulenovic , director of photography Mario Sablić , h.f.s., producer Ivan Maloča , again starring Sreten Mokrović , Jelena Miholjević , Filip Riđički , Slavko Sobin , Franjo Kuhar, Sara Stanić , Karlo Maloča and Anica Dobra.


The technical team was also made up mostly of professionals who have worked on successful first season. Gaffer was Zdenko Bilanđija, key grip Frane Maršić .

Camera crew was refreshed with new members . First camera operator was Pavle Krnjajić, operator on second camera was Goran Mećava, h.f.s. , focus pullers on first and second cameras were Branko Knez and Marko Đurđan , and the second camera assistant was Boško Šalamon .

On the project also collaborated as camera operators Branko Linta, h.f.s., Zoran Mikinčić and Tomislav Sutlar.


Technical data :

Camera: Arri Alexa – ProRes 422

Lenses : Cooke S4 Mini ; Cooke S2 ; Kinoptik ; Studio Alura Zoom 45-250