FRKA 2017 – Cinematography Award for Jurica Marković

shot from “Vuk i maca”

President of Croatian Cinematographers Society (H.F.S.), Mario Sablić, was member of  the jury of 12th Student film festival, FRKA, in which participated students of Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts.  The jury was composed of: Krešimir Mikić (acting), Mario Kozina (film critic), Mario Sablić (cinematography), Nebojša Slijepčević (documentary), Hrvoje Osvadić (Production), Sonja Tarokić (directing), Goran Kulenović (TV format) Tomislav Pavlic (editing) and Ante Tomić (screenplay).

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photo: Matej Subotić

The cinematography award went to  Jurica Marković for the film “Vuk i maca“.

“Although this is a cinematography exercise “Existing light”, cinematographer Marković takes a step further.  He masterfully uses chosen wide screen format in order to achieve interesting frame compositions, which are both narratively meaningful and emotionally intriguing. The color palette and lightning consistently expressed in “Vuk i  maca” makes this a work of high art aesthetics and skillful stylization in which Marković boldly goes beyond sketchy boundaries of simple cinematography exercise”

Congratulations colleague Marković.