New president mandate for Mario Sablić, h.f.s.

At the Annual Assembly of Croatian Cinematographers Society, h.f.s, held on June 1, 2017, the new president's mandate was given to Mario Sablić, director of photography from Zagreb. 

Mario Sablić is the award-winning director of photography during whose first mandate the Annual Cinematography Award "Nikola Tanhofer" was set up, (this year is awarded for the fourth time), the society web site was established and also maintained close contacts with the IMAGO, European Federation of Cinematographers. For the next four years, Sablić will continue to work on preserving dignity of cinematography profession and continuity of cinematographers tradition in Croatia.

Also were voted members of the Management Board  - Branko Linta (vice-chairman), Goran Mećava, Enes Midžić and Vjekoslav Vrdoljak, and the mandate of former chairman of the Assembly, Carmel Kursar, was extended unanimously.