Vintage Lens Test

Lens test was made before shooting the second season of “Black and white world”, to find the lenses through which will make a certain change of look and texture, for certain scenes. So this is not a test examining i technical characteristics of the lenses, but the practical test, where I tried to figure out how aging lenses cope with tricky lighting situations.
For example, in the interior the camera is placed opposite overexposed window and the light fixture was directed to the unprotected lens.
On the daylight exterior lens was also totally unprotected, pointed towards  a strong backlight,  no fill light.
Night exterior is supposed to show you how lenses cope with visible light sources in the frame.
I found test results very interesting, and decided to go with Cooke Speed Panchro (newly produced) as a second set of lenses (next to Mini Cooke S4), and for some scenes I used Kinoptik Apochromat’s.
Mario Sablic