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The Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Christopher Peter Marcich

Nova Ves 18 10 000 Zagreb Croatia

Dear Sir

We have been informed bythe Croatian Cinematographers Society, h.f.s., that the Croatian Government and the Croatian State intellectual Property Office are proposing changes to the Croatian copyright law, which will reduce the Croatian cinematographers position as rightful authors of the image and co—authors of the audiovisual work.

Due to their high international artistic standards, Croatian cinematographers have long been regarded as co-authors of audio-visual works in Croatia, and due to this fact, Croatia is held in high regards and are highly respected amongst all international film workers, directors, cinematographers and producers, and also by the international culture sector in general.

More and more international film productions are opening their eyes for the good possibilities of co—productions with, and for filming their productions in Croatia.

Reducing the rights of Croatian cinematographers will influence Croatia‘ 5 established high reputation amongst international film-workers and will be a definite step in the wrong direction for the Country.

Should the Croatian Government significantly reduce alreadyestabiished authors rights for cinematographers, this will be received as an unfair and unjust attack on Croatian cinematographers by international film and culture sectors world-wide, and a negative international focus on this matter will risk seriously influencing on the country’s already established high regard and reputation.

This would be very unfortunate, and IMAGO will therefore ask the Croatian Government and the Croatian State Intellectual Property Office to withdraw any proposition that will reduce Croatian cinematographer‘s already sense decade established authorship rights.

On behalf of The Danish Association of Cinematographers

Jan Weincke