Pismo potpore stiže od naših austrijskih kolega

Stiglo je i pismo podrške Austrijske snimateljske asocijacije. Najljepša hvala austrijskim snimateljima i njihovoj predsjednici Astrid Heubrandtner. zum Wohl!

Pismo prenosimo u cijelosti.

The Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Christopher Peter Marcich Nova Ves 18 10 000 Zagreb Croatia

Verband Österreichischer Kameraleute Filmhaus Wien, Spittelberggasse 3, 1070 Wien www.aacamera.org E-Mail: office@aacamera.org

Member of IMAGO

The AAC (Austrian Association of Cinematographers) is the Austrian association of cameramen, panning operators, 1st + 2nd camera assistants, DITs, colorists and still photographers. It was founded in 1976 as an interest group of image-creating cameramen and their colleagues.

The aim of AAC is to represent the interests of the profession in all relevant needs, to take initiatives to promote collegiality and solidarity with each other and to positively influence the reputation of the profession in the public eye. Since 1994 AAC is a member of IMAGO – International Federation of Cinematographers, the Association of International Cinematographers.

We have been informed by our Croatian colleagues, the Croatian Cinematographers Society, HFS, that the Croatian Government and the Croatian State Intellectual Property Office debate about changes in Law of Copyright and Related Rights. In part of their proposition, cinematographers are no longer recognized as co-authors of the movie, which will reduce the Croatian cinematographer´s position as rightful authors of the image and the co-authors of the audiovisual work.

Like in Austria, Croatian cinematographers have long been regarded as co-authors of the audio-visual works in Croatia.

To reduce the rights of Croatian cinematographers will influence Croatia´s established high reputation amongst international film-workers, and will be seen as a definite step in the wrong direction for the country.

Should the Croatian Government significantly reduce already established author rights for cinematographers this will be received as an unfair and unjust attack on Croatian cinematographers.

This would be very unfortunate, and AAC will therefore ask the Croatian Government and the Croatian State Intellectual Property Office to withdraw any proposition that will reduce Croatians cinematographer´s already established authorship rights.

Vienna 28 th April 2020

Astrid Heubrandtner President AAC Austrian Association of Cinematographers