Pismo podrške Makedonske snimateljske asocijacije i filmskih profesionalaca

Stiglo nam je pismo podrške naših makedonskih kolega snimatelja. Njihovoj inicijativi pridružilo se i makedonsko Društvo filmskih radnika. Hvala Vam prijatelji na podršci, koja nam puno znači u ovim čudnim vremenima.

Pismo prenosimo u cijelosti:

To: The Croatian Cinematographers Society Britanski trg 12, HR-10000 Zagreb President, Mario Sablić 


Dear Mr. Mario Sablić, 

With great displeasure we received the news that the Croatian Government is proposing changes to the Croatian copyright law, which will reduce the cinematographers position as rightful authors of the image and co-authors of the audio-visual work. 

Croatian cinematographers and Croatian cinema in general enjoy brightly established international status, so we consider, it is certainly startling and tragic to consider to reduce already established authors rights for cinematographers and with that to make precedent and negative publicity. 

The Macedonian Film Professional Association and Macedonian Society of Cinematographers, with its entire team hereby extends its full support for the battle that follows, and we sincerely hope that the authorities will recognize this moment in which your society receives support from an enviable number of Cinematographers society’s worldwide, who in solidarity, see this as an attack on themselves. 

In the Republic of North Macedonia, according to the 2005 Copyright and Related Rights Law, Article 102 – The cinematographers are recognized as co-authors of an audio-visual work. 


President MFPA Igor Ivanov

President MSC  Dejan Dimeski 

Skopje, 24.04.2020