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Address Nike Grškovića 56, 10000 Zagreb
Phone Croatia: +385 1 468 3923 / cell + 99 722 4044
US: + (212) 439 1569 / cell +646 727 5194
Address 345 E. 65th Street Apt. 2B, New York, NY 10021
Phone (212) 439 1569
Other Works:


Date and place of birth 11 May 1955, Varaždin


BA Honours in Film and Television, University of Westminster, UK


Fictional films Mercy of the Sea, 2002 – Director: Jakov Sedlar, Martin Sheen

Peroxide Passion, 2000 – Director: Monty Diamond

On The Run, 2000 – Director: Bruno de Almeida, Open Plalm Gotham /00 Aw. Nominee

Èetverored, 1999 – Director: Jakov Sedlar

Somewhere In The City, 1997 – Director: Ramin Niami, HBO

The Keeper, 1996 – Sundance, Director: Joe Brewster

Erotic Tales, 1996 – dio: Wroom Wroom Wroom, Director: Melvin Van Peeble

Misplaced, 1992 – American Playhouse, Director: Louis Yansen

Tripwire, 1991 – Director: James Leemo

Love Or Money, 1990 – Director: Tood Hallowell

Mindstalk, 1986 – Director: Tony Smith

Galazies nyhtes, 1986 – Director: Konstantinos Andriotis

Short fictional films (selection) Possession, 1989 – Director: Milcho Manchevski

Modern Fairy Tale, 1986 – Rezija: Deborah Tourbevile

The House Guest, 1985 – Director: Franz Harland

TV films Till Death Do Us Part (Pilot), 2006

Tanaquil Le Clercq, 2001 – Director: Marko Capalbo

Power of Music, 2001 – Director: Robert Yuhas

Heart Of A Legend – Chico O’Farrill, 2001 – Director: Jorge Ulla

Of Penguins & Peacocks, 2000 – Director: Jo Ann Tedesco Clyton

Il Giardino armonico, 1999 – Director: Paul Fenkart

Because It’s Christmas: Barry Manilow, 1991 – Director: Kathy Dougherty

Eliot Porter, 1983 – Director: Amertat Cohn

Commercials (selected) AT&T, Kodak, Reebok, Bufallino, Bell South, Coca-Colla, Coors Light, Florida Loto, Domino Pizza, Kmart, VH1, MTV, PSA: Be Smart About HIV
Music videos (selected artists) Whitney Houston, Liza Minnelli, Diana Ross, Rod Stewart, John Bon Jovi, Ruben Blades, Barry Manilow and Kid Kreole, Notorious BIG, Little Kim, Bonnie Wailer, MC Hammer, Sheena Easton, Joddy Whatley, Lou Reed and John Cale, Dolly Parton, Taylor Dane, Jane Child
Director / Cinematographer (musc videos and commercials) Short: Point of View, 20 min, 1977

Music Video: Edith Lefel, “Marie”

Music Video: Perfect Gentelman, “One More Chance”

Commercial: American Savings Bank “Fred Aster and Ginga Ross”

Commercial: “Direct Deposit”

Second Unit DoP Plague Town, 2008 – Director: David Gregory

Searching for Orson, 2006 – Director: Jakov Sedlar

Syndrome Jerusalem, 2004 – Director: Jakov Sedlar

Cop Land, 1998 – Director: James Mangold

Maniac Cop 2, 1990 – Director: William Lustig

Force of Circumstances, 1990 – Director: Liza Bear

Songs for Drella, 1990 – Director: Edward Lachman

American Dream, 1990 – Doc., (Oscar), Director: Barbara Kopple

Lecturer (associate)

1989 to date BA Program in Film and Television, Advanced Lighting and Cinematography – III – School of Visual Arts
Thesis advisor to B.A. students
1994/95 Master of Fine Arts Program, Motion Picture Camera Technique – II, New York University, Tisch School of the Arts

Professional memberships

Croatian Cinematographers Society (H.F.S.)

International Cinematographers Guild, (Local 600) USA


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